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Anti-lock brakes

If your vehicle is not equipped with anti-lock brakes, the best way to brake under emergency conditions is to use squeeze (or threshold) braking. To do this, keep the heel of your foot on the floor and use your toes to apply pressure on the brake pedal. If the wheels lock, ease off the brake … Read More »

Best place to get vehicle repaired

AAA offers the Approved Auto Repair program, which approves qualified repair shops based on stringent criteria. Visit AAA.com to find a facility near you.

Car buying tips

AAA offers AutoMaker, an online tool that lets AAA members build their preferred vehicle by choosing year, make, model, trim, colors/options and packages.

Purchasing a used vehicle

Be informed by comparing vehicle prices using NADA Guides or Kelley Blue Book, obtaining a vehicle history report from CARFAX or a similar company, test driving the vehicle and having it inspected at a trusted repair facility.

Talking about driving

It’s possible that your dad may not have to stop driving altogether. He may simply need some training or help from his doctor to manage his health in a way that permits driving under special conditions or only in certain places. If you have strong reason to believe he needs to stop completely, consider sitting … Read More »