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Tire tread

Tire tread creates “channels” into which water is directed, so the tire can remain in contact with the roadway surface. Although these channels effectively evacuate water from underneath the tire, it is always a good idea to slow down in wet conditions.

Flat tire

Look where you want the vehicle to go, keep a firm, steady grip on the steering wheel to maintain a straight course and stay off the brakes. Next, ease up on the accelerator, allowing the engine’s compression to slow the vehicle. Once you have the vehicle under control, apply the brakes with light, steady pressure.

Tire pressure

AAA recommends checking tire pressures, including that of the spare, at least once a month when the tires are cold.

Tire Tread

The recommendation of 4/32 of an inch is a safety measure. While 2/32 of an inch is legal, AAA feels that increasing to 4/32 has a potential to reduce risk by providing better traction and decreasing incidences of tire failure.