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Head light Hallows

A driver’s eyesight is critical in preventing car crashes, because nearly all the sensory input you need to drive a car comes from visual cues. If your eyesight is diminished, so is your ability to drive safely. This is especially important to older drivers, but this can affect all drivers. In fact, a 40-year-old with the same … Read More »

Uncomfortable driving at night

You are one of many drivers who have trouble seeing at night. Simply avoiding nighttime driving can keep you safe and mobile, and these tips also can help. Your doctor cannot take your driver’s license – or your car keys, for that matter. Only state licensing authorities have the legal right to do so. Think … Read More »

Staying sharp

Be sure to stay focused on what’s most important – safety. Often, identifying any weaknesses in your driving skills and abilities can lead to simple actions you can take to improve, so you can return to confident, safe driving. Consider getting a comprehensive driving assessment by an occupational therapist or other driving specialist.

Gaining confidence

Taking a driver improvement course could be very helpful. These courses cover topics including up-to-date rules and regulations related to driving, safety tips, and strategies for driving in difficult situations, such as poor weather and heavy traffic.

Driving during the day

Many older drivers self-regulate their driving. Since diminished eyesight is one of the most common changes experienced as we age, your choice to not drive at night, in rain or inclement weather is a positive response, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in those situations. If you are concerned about any other changes, consult your … Read More »