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Prescription drugs and driving

Yes, because most states do not limit DUI charges to only drivers affected by alcohol, but also other drugs, including prescription medications. Any substance that negatively affects your driving can result in a DUI charge. This is why it is so important to discuss a drug’s effects on driving.

Taking medication and driving

Do not stop taking your medication without first consulting your physician or pharmacist, who can provide more information and help you to make the best decision for your health and safety.

Medication and drowsiness

Your neighbor is correct. For some people, even “non-drowsy” cold medications can have side effects (dizziness, drowsiness, headache, nausea, nervousness) that can make driving a risky endeavor.

Medications and driving

States have drug evaluation and classification programs for law enforcement officers to become certified drug recognition experts who can identify drivers impaired by substances other than alcohol. They can even determine the category of medication or drug causing such impairment. This training enables officers to better present evidence of drug impairment in court.

Prescription medications and driving

She should not stop taking her medication without first consulting her physician or pharmacist. They can provide more information on how the medications she is prescribed can negatively affect her ability to operate a motor vehicle and will help her to make the best decision.