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What are enhanced mirror settings

The settings allow you to see into what was once your largest blind spot. This is accomplished by adjusting the side mirrors further out, so you can see directly into what was your blind spot, and still using your inside mirror to see behind you.

Headlights on during the day

Other drivers can see you from twice as far away, compared to driving with your lights off.

Vehicle Fire

Yes, if a fire is under the hood and flames are shooting out, do not raise the hood. If you see the fire while behind the wheel, steer the vehicle off the road, turn off the ignition and all switches, then get passengers well away from the vehicle.

Concerned about tickets

Tickets have been shown by researchers to help predict future traffic crashes, but this is true for drivers of all ages, not just older drivers. Consider suggesting to your husband that you both register for a driver improvement course. You’ll both benefit from the course, which also can create opportunities for more conversations with him, … Read More »

Worried about father’s driving

Based on what you describe, it sounds like your father is using a very common coping mechanism called “copiloting” to help him compensate for driving weaknesses. Typically drivers use copiloting when they need help to monitor the roadway and respond appropriately. However, if your father only drives when someone else navigates for him, it could … Read More »