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Staying sharp

Be sure to stay focused on what’s most important – safety. Often, identifying any weaknesses in your driving skills and abilities can lead to simple actions you can take to improve, so you can return to confident, safe driving. Consider getting a comprehensive driving assessment by an occupational therapist or other driving specialist.

Driver improvement course

AAA offers several safe driving courses to help you stay on top of your driving game. Learn more >>

Concerned about tickets

Tickets have been shown by researchers to help predict future traffic crashes, but this is true for drivers of all ages, not just older drivers. Consider suggesting to your husband that you both register for a driver improvement course. You’ll both benefit from the course, which also can create opportunities for more conversations with him, … Read More »

Driving assessment

It might be less threatening to your dad if you talk to him about the different types of screenings and assessments before you suspect his safety as a driver is in question. If you suspect that your dad is already experiencing problems while driving, tell him that getting an assessment can help to identify ways … Read More »

Driving and Alzheimer’s

As your mother’s disease progresses, she will eventually become unable to drive, due to challenges with reaction time and decision making. It’s very important that you and your mom work very closely with her doctor to set up a plan to monitor driving and determine when she should start getting around via other ways. Look … Read More »