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Driver improvement course

AAA offers several safe driving courses to help you stay on top of your driving game. Learn more >>

Insurance discounts

Some states require insurance companies to provide insurance discounts in exchange for completion of a driver refresher course, while other states leave the decision up to individual insurance companies. Also, some states have separate rules for online driver improvement courses. Your best bet is to contact your insurance company for more details about discounts available … Read More »


Drive Sharp uses a game-like experience to help keep you interested and make training fun. Before beginning each exercise, you take an assessment to set your starting skill level. The program uses your baseline to set an improvement goal. It constantly adapts to your individual skill, so your brain is always getting the best exercise. … Read More »

Insurance discount

Although some states have mandatory insurance discounts, you will want to contact your insurance agent to be sure.

Driver safety course

Over time, driving techniques and vehicle technologies change, plus everyone’s vision declines. AAA courses feature up-to-date safe driving techniques and will help sharpen your driving skills.