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Talking about safe driving

Older adults do a great job restricting their own driving (e.g., not driving at night or in heavy traffic) based on their comfort level. Ask your mom if she regulates her own driving and why. You might also suggest that she take self-screening tests to see if she might benefit from additional assessment, or try … Read More »

Possible restrictions after assessment

Recommendations could include the following: Return to driving, with or without adaptive driving equipment. Limit driving with restrictions on either geographic areas or conditions in which you drive. Attend a driver improvement course to establish/maintain defensive driving skills. Receive adaptive driving instruction or driver retraining using a vehicle matched to your individual needs. Cease driving. … Read More »

Conversation about driving

Your father might benefit from a skills assessment in order to identify potential weaknesses in his driving skills and assess whether supplemental training may be to his benefit. There are a range of options for these assessments; occupational therapy-driver rehabilitation specialists examine driving behaviors in the context of underlying medical conditions, and driving skill evaluators … Read More »

Driving with hand controls

This is a viable option for some people; however, you will need to be formally evaluated by an occupational therapy-driver rehabilitation specialist (OT-DRS) first. If you are eligible for hand-operated controls, the OT-DRS will be able to guide you in choosing the appropriate device to meet your needs, and then will arrange for its installation, … Read More »

Clinical driving assessment

A clinical driving assessment is a bit different than a driving course. A clinical assessment, completed by an Occupational Therapy-Driver Rehabilitation Specialist, will assess your mother’s driving abilities by recognizing and correcting possible shortcomings, which can result in a personalized training plan to continue driving safely. More information on these assessments can be found here. … Read More »