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Four-door models requires less strength to open and close doors compared with two-door models, which have longer, heavier doors. Keyless entry and ignition options mounted on the dashboard can help you to avoid pain or difficulty when turning a key in the lock or ignition. Additional features can be found in AAA’s downloadable brochure,  Smart … Read More »

Driving with arthritis

Not necessarily. Talk to your doctor about options to help better manage the pain caused by your arthritis and for suggestions regarding an individualized fitness or flexibility program. Registered clinical exercise physiologists specialize in developing fitness programs for people with medical conditions like arthritis.

Arthritis and driving

He could purchase a low-cost steering wheel cover for his car. Also, if you think he might purchase a newer vehicle in the near future, help him look at models with thicker steering wheels. They may reduce demands on hand/wrist strength needed to grip and handle the vehicle. This should help reduce pain and fatigue. … Read More »