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Transportation tips

Most people prefer to ride by car as compared to buses or trains. If taxi services are too expensive or not flexible enough for you, consider carpooling with friends or neighbors who shop where you do. Many communities also provide local transportation services that are very similar to taxi services, but depend on volunteer drivers … Read More »

Paying for driver

That’s really up to you. If the driver is a close friend or family member, there may not be such an expectation. The best course of action is to address this and any other topics in advance, so that you and the driver have a clear and mutual understanding before scheduling your first trip.

Getting around using alternate transportation

Some might say that time is money, so this is a legitimate consideration when making the switch to other forms of transportation. Trip chaining is a process by which you schedule a volunteer driver to shuttle you around town, but you reach several different destinations before returning home. This may help to reduce the number … Read More »

Costs with rideshare

That depends on whether or not anyone else donates use of their car. Typically, you wouldn’t be expected to pay for fuel or parking on trips when your car is in use. Ultimately, it depends on the agreements made when the rideshare was established.

Carpooling savings

That depends on factors like whether or not your vehicle is paid off and how much fuel your vehicle uses per mile traveled. Generally, ridesharing or carpooling can reduce your transportation costs by as much as 50 percent to 75 percent.