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Hand controls

There may be ways to address your knee pain without resorting to hand controls. Consider scheduling a consultation with an occupational therapist who has driving rehabilitation expertise. These professionals have special knowledge and training, so they can determine how to improve your comfort, safety and mobility.

Issue with ignition switch

Yes. Key extenders offer more leverage for turning keys in the door and ignition for people with limited hand mobility or arthritis.

Convex mirrors

For drivers with neck mobility problems, convex safety mirrors can help reduce dangers caused by a blind spot when passing and changing lanes on the road.

Arthritis and driving

He could purchase a low-cost steering wheel cover for his car. Also, if you think he might purchase a newer vehicle in the near future, help him look at models with thicker steering wheels. They may reduce demands on hand/wrist strength needed to grip and handle the vehicle. This should help reduce pain and fatigue. … Read More »

Neck mobility

Although AAA does not recommend any specific devices, some drivers with limited neck mobility have found that different or additional mirrors can help. A convex inside rear view mirror, and/or supplemental mirrors can be added to the side mirrors to increase visibility.