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Possible restrictions after assessment

What restrictions are possible after I have a skills evaluation or clinical assessment?

Recommendations could include the following:

  • Return to driving, with or without adaptive driving equipment.
  • Limit driving with restrictions on either geographic areas or conditions in which you drive.
  • Attend a driver improvement course to establish/maintain defensive driving skills.
  • Receive adaptive driving instruction or driver retraining using a vehicle matched to your individual needs.
  • Cease driving. This is advised when you do not demonstrate the necessary skills to resume driving and when your potential for improvement with retraining is poor. In these cases, alternative transportation options should be reviewed with you.
  • Receive reassessment. This option is indicated if your driving ability is expected to improve or if you demonstrate adequate skills but have a progressive disorder that may cause future decline.
Category: medical conditions, mental and physical health, older driver safety, operation and maintenance, traffic rules and safety

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