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Hand Controls

I have been with AAA and have been using an MPS hand control for over 40 years. Also no moving violations and accidents that were my fault in over 40 years. I have a new car now and need a new hand control mounted but the mobility company won’t install w/o a cert that I’m qualified and using proper equipment. This can cost several hundred dollars or more. Advice? Help?

el cajon CA

We consulted with an expert at AOTA and learned that from a practice standpoint, the driving rehab community (particularly ADED) has pushed to require equipment dealers to follow this rule. The state of California has stronger policies on this issue, so it’s likely across the board. It may be a good idea to work with a driving rehab specialist and explore options to satisfy the requirements- you can also try to negotiate a fee with them to sign off on the equipment. We suggest working with a big program in the state that is experienced and does this every day- they can offer state specific guidance.

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