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Refresher Course

What are the criteria to make me eligible to take the four hour refresher course? That is, I’ve taken an initial course before, but am uncertain how long ago that was.

Alameda CA

AAA Mature Operator courses are defensive driving courses designed to meet the information needs and interests of senior drivers over 55 years of age. Drivers who successfully complete the driver improvement program also might be eligible to receive insurance premium discounts.

Classroom driver improvement courses are taught by AAA-certified instructors trained to make your experience educational and engaging – and to make you a better driver. In this environment, you can ask the instructor questions, learn from others in a group setting and gain hands-on experiences in real world situations.

Educational offerings are not available in all areas. Contact your local AAA club for more information.

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In-classroom Driving Courses

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Local Classes

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Driver Safety Programs

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