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Medical Advisory Board Assessment

My mother has had two tumors removed from her brain. She is also an uncontrolled diabetic with her daily sugar running anywhere from 200 to over 400. At times it’s even gotten up as high as 600. The tumors on her brain occurred about 7 to 8 years ago. The first one was the size of a tennis ball and was located behind her ear. The second tumor occurred 2 years after the first and was located in the same spot as the first one and was the size of golf ball. She has done well considering but her short term memory was affected tremendously. She also has a defibrillator due to chf. She complains of being dizzy almost daily and must be told things over and over and over which has become increasingly worse over the last year. After a recent stay at a nursing home, we her family did not think it is still safe for her to drive or continue to live alone. She refuses to accept that she no longer needs to drive plus forgets so daily we discuss the fact we don’t think she should continue drive and daily it turns into an argument between she and I. Last week was her 70th birthday and her license expired on her birthday. What can I do to either have her tested before they reinstate her license or have them not reinstate them period without it making me the bad guy and her then resenting me terribly? I’m her only child and we have a very small family. Basically, she only has myself, my son, and my half-sister as her support system. My son and I rotate staying with her, making sure she takes her medicine and eats and my half-sister helps out when we need extra help for whatever reason. So I really don’t want our last days together to be spent having to argue daily about her driving nor do I want her to resent me over this. We all are thinking of her well being but she doesn’t see it this way. Any advice at this point is so needed and appreciated so much. I’m at my wit’s end with this on going argument. Thank you for giving me an outlet to address my concerns that is also informational. And not just another opinion


Manchester TENNESSEE

Depending on where you live, the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) can help. MAB’s are a panel of licensed doctors appointed by the state to review medical documentation relating to an individual’s ability to drive. MAB evaluates all medical information concerning an individual’s medical condition and provides the Department of Public Safety or the DMV with a recommendation on driver licensing. From here, the license could be revoked if an individual is found to be medically incapable of safely operating a motor vehicle. The most common ways an individual is referred to MAB are:

  1. The individual self-reports his/her medical condition.
  2. DPS refers an individual due to the medical evaluation conducted at the driver license office.
  3. The individual has multiple convictions for alcohol or drugs on their driver record.
  4. Law enforcement, a physician or a private citizen has cause for concern and reports an individual to DPS for a medical evaluation- you would fall into this category.

An individual may submit, in writing, their concerns of drivers who may have a medical condition that could affect their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle. All written concerns may be submitted anonymously. Verbal notification is not sufficient evidence for them to take action. Please provide a detailed explanation as to why it is unsafe for the individual reported to operate a motor vehicle. Avoid personalizing information in the written statement and focus on the facts. You will be able to locate this information on your state’s DMV webpage.


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