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Category: vehicle ownership

Driving Skills Evaluation

Because you want to be a safe driver as long as possible, it’s great that you are considering taking a refresher course.  You are likely looking for a driving skills evaluation, which includes an in-car evaluation of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers’ training. These vary from state to state, … Read More »

Older Licensed Drivers

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), there were 3,716,131 licensed drivers over the age of 85 in 2015. FHWA data does not have an age category for 90+, only 85 and up. The FHWA chart can be found here: https://www.fhwa.dot.gov/policyinformation/statistics/2015/pdf/dl22.pdf

Distance from steering wheel

In vehicles equipped with a driver’s-side air bag, to be safe, you should be no closer than 10 inches from the steering wheel.

What are enhanced mirror settings

The settings allow you to see into what was once your largest blind spot. This is accomplished by adjusting the side mirrors further out, so you can see directly into what was your blind spot, and still using your inside mirror to see behind you.

Enhanced mirror setting

Typically, it takes about two weeks to get accustomed to the new settings.