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Category: operation and maintenance

Hand Controls

We consulted with an expert at AOTA and learned that from a practice standpoint, the driving rehab community (particularly ADED) has pushed to require equipment dealers to follow this rule. The state of California has stronger policies on this issue, so it’s likely across the board. It may be a good idea to work with … Read More »

Passengers and seat belts

Yes, regardless of state regulations, all passengers should be properly restrained in the vehicle. If there is a crash, unrestrained passengers are at a greater risk of injury and pose a serious threat to others in the car.

Safety check

Check for safety concerns, such as pets, pedestrians or debris around the vehicle, as well as vehicle condition and fluid leaks under the vehicle.

Checking fluids in my car

Visit an AAA club-owned repair facility or a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility, and the technicians will check them for you.

Head rest placement

Normally, the top of the head restraint should be adjusted to a point slightly above your ears and – if possible – within 3 inches of the back of your head when you are seated in a normal upright position.