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Category: mental and physical health

Limited Neck Mobility

Although AAA does not recommend any specific devices, some drivers with limited neck mobility have found that different or additional mirrors can help. A convex inside rear view mirror, and/or supplemental mirrors can be added to the side mirrors to increase visibility.

Memory Loss

Hi, Your best bet would be to work with your fathers medical provider to begin the conversation about driving cessation. These are difficult conversations, and sometimes the information is more well-received when it comes from a doctor versus a family member. His doctor may recommend a driving evaluation, and almost every state has a process … Read More »

Finding driving assessments

Thank you for your question. We’re sorry to hear about your Mom’s car crash and the long recovery period from her injuries. Staying connected to your community is an important part of overall well-being for seniors. For most, driving our own car is how we stay mobile and on the go. But as you know, … Read More »

Uncomfortable driving at night

You are one of many drivers who have trouble seeing at night. Simply avoiding nighttime driving can keep you safe and mobile, and these tips also can help. Your doctor cannot take your driver’s license – or your car keys, for that matter. Only state licensing authorities have the legal right to do so. Think … Read More »

Conversation about driving

If you think your dad is a safe driver, rethink encouraging him to stop or cut back. Older age should never be used as cause to stop driving. Research has shown that driving cessation can lead to social isolation, depression and other health-related issues. Consider talking to your dad about getting a comprehensive driving assessment, … Read More »