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Category: medical conditions

Hand Controls

We consulted with an expert at AOTA and learned that from a practice standpoint, the driving rehab community (particularly ADED) has pushed to require equipment dealers to follow this rule. The state of California has stronger policies on this issue, so it’s likely across the board. It may be a good idea to work with … Read More »

Medical Advisory Board Assessment

Depending on where you live, the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) can help. MAB’s are a panel of licensed doctors appointed by the state to review medical documentation relating to an individual’s ability to drive. MAB evaluates all medical information concerning an individual’s medical condition and provides the Department of Public Safety or the DMV with … Read More »

Limited Neck Mobility

Although AAA does not recommend any specific devices, some drivers with limited neck mobility have found that different or additional mirrors can help. A convex inside rear view mirror, and/or supplemental mirrors can be added to the side mirrors to increase visibility.

Memory Loss

Hi, Your best bet would be to work with your fathers medical provider to begin the conversation about driving cessation. These are difficult conversations, and sometimes the information is more well-received when it comes from a doctor versus a family member. His doctor may recommend a driving evaluation, and almost every state has a process … Read More »

Seat Belt Assistance

There are many assistive accessories that can be used when a person experiences changes due to age or in this case, an injury. While AAA does not endorse products, the Seat Belt Grab-N-Pull may be a good option for her. They can be purchased for under $10 and they aide users that need a little … Read More »