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Category: conversations with family

Medical Advisory Board Assessment

Depending on where you live, the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) can help. MAB’s are a panel of licensed doctors appointed by the state to review medical documentation relating to an individual’s ability to drive. MAB evaluates all medical information concerning an individual’s medical condition and provides the Department of Public Safety or the DMV with … Read More »

Memory Loss

Hi, Your best bet would be to work with your fathers medical provider to begin the conversation about driving cessation. These are difficult conversations, and sometimes the information is more well-received when it comes from a doctor versus a family member. His doctor may recommend a driving evaluation, and almost every state has a process … Read More »

Self-limiting driving

The most frequently cited reasons for self-limiting driving among those age 55 and older include problems with eyesight, concern about being in a crash and simply having no reason to drive. If your aunt is like most seniors, she does a pretty good job of avoiding high-risk driving. For example, she might avoid highways, rush-hour … Read More »

When to stop driving

First, consider looking at the situation a bit differently. Think about how you will talk with your mom about keeping her driving for as long as safely possible and develop a plan together for how she will get around if driving is no longer a safe option. Ideally, you’d have this talk well before her … Read More »

Concerned about tickets

Tickets have been shown by researchers to help predict future traffic crashes, but this is true for drivers of all ages, not just older drivers. Consider suggesting to your husband that you both register for a driver improvement course. You’ll both benefit from the course, which also can create opportunities for more conversations with him, … Read More »