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Insurance coverage

Insurance coverage from Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance companies varies, so you should contact your provider to find out what your plan covers. Consider checking before you get a skills evaluation or clinical assessment, since a referral from your doctor could mean the difference between the service being covered or not. Also, even if Medicare … Read More »

Driving during the day

Many older drivers self-regulate their driving. Since diminished eyesight is one of the most common changes experienced as we age, your choice to not drive at night, in rain or inclement weather is a positive response, especially if you don’t feel comfortable in those situations. If you are concerned about any other changes, consult your … Read More »

Driver improvement course

AAA offers several safe driving courses to help you stay on top of your driving game. Learn more >>

Transportation tips

Most people prefer to ride by car as compared to buses or trains. If taxi services are too expensive or not flexible enough for you, consider carpooling with friends or neighbors who shop where you do. Many communities also provide local transportation services that are very similar to taxi services, but depend on volunteer drivers … Read More »

Conversation about driving

If you think your dad is a safe driver, rethink encouraging him to stop or cut back. Older age should never be used as cause to stop driving. Research has shown that driving cessation can lead to social isolation, depression and other health-related issues. Consider talking to your dad about getting a comprehensive driving assessment, … Read More »

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