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Driving Skills Evaluation

Because you want to be a safe driver as long as possible, it’s great that you are considering taking a refresher course.  You are likely looking for a driving skills evaluation, which includes an in-car evaluation of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers’ training. These vary from state to state, … Read More »

Giving Up The Keys

This is a very difficult situation for any family member to go through. Almost every state, including Virginia, has a process for reporting a potentially unsafe driver to its licensing office or department of motor vehicles. Law enforcement officers and physicians represent the majority of individuals submitting reports, although concerned citizens also can do so. … Read More »

Head light Hallows

A driver’s eyesight is critical in preventing car crashes, because nearly all the sensory input you need to drive a car comes from visual cues. If your eyesight is diminished, so is your ability to drive safely. This is especially important to older drivers, but this can affect all drivers. In fact, a 40-year-old with the same … Read More »

Older Licensed Drivers

According to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), there were 3,716,131 licensed drivers over the age of 85 in 2015. FHWA data does not have an age category for 90+, only 85 and up. The FHWA chart can be found here:

Help with Hearing Loss

For individuals with hearing loss, at least two vehicle modifications/additions could be helpful: 1) a turn signal alert for when the turn signal is accidentally left on (a modification) and 2) a siren alarm for alerting the driver to the sirens of nearby police and emergency vehicles (an addition). There may be funding opportunities available … Read More »

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