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Driving Evaluation Needed

Professional driving assessments generally fall into two categories: driving skills evaluations and clinical driving assessments. A driving skill evaluation includes an in-car evaluation of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers’ training. Clinical driving assessments are used to identify underlying medical causes of any driving performance deficits and offer ways to … Read More »

Seat Belt Assistance

There are many assistive accessories that can be used when a person experiences changes due to age or in this case, an injury. While AAA does not endorse products, the Seat Belt Grab-N-Pull may be a good option for her. They can be purchased for under $10 and they aide users that need a little … Read More »

In-classroom Driving Courses

Contact your local AAA club – they will be able to provide you with more information on in-classroom based courses.

Local Classes

Contact your local AAA club – they will be able to provide you with a local schedule for when the classes are offered.

Driver Safety Programs

Each AAA club offers different services. If you are interested in taking a driver improvement course, AAA is the leader in driver safety. AAA’s driver improvement courses are packed with up-to-date safe driving techniques and can help sharpen your skills. The course may be offered through the classroom, online or both. Courses are not available … Read More »

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